24 January 2009

Duaflex IV, 8:40pm

Part of an assemblage I made last year.

14 August 2007

Fireweed by Irena S.

Originally uploaded by IrenaS
Wonderful depth of field, color and composition. Evokes an intense emotional response, too - a sepia-toned melancholy and nostalgia.

11 July 2007

09 July 2007

Time is a tree, by IrenaS

Time is a tree
Originally uploaded by IrenaS
Superb depth of field as well as feeling.

15 May 2007

Memory2, by andaria

Originally uploaded by andaria.

lost in time, by narva3

lost in time
Originally uploaded by narva3.

Into the Forest, by Tom McFarlane

Into the Forest
Originally uploaded by Tom McFarlane.

My thoughts are flower-strewn, by IrenaS

My thoughts are flower-strewn
Originally uploaded by IrenaS.

untitled, by Telzey

Originally uploaded by Telzey.

Creepy crawly, by IrenaS

Creepy crawly
Originally uploaded by IrenaS.

. The Fen Road . by 3amfromkyoto

. The Fen Road .
Originally uploaded by 3amfromkyoto.

memorial tour, by mistubako

memorial tour
Originally uploaded by mistubako.

double take,, by lauren.rabbit

double take
Originally uploaded by lauren.rabbit.
I highly recommend taking the time to look at this artist's work.

untitled, by zseike

Originally uploaded by zseike.

night windmill, by narva3

night windmill
Originally uploaded by narva3.
I've always wanted to own a windmill. Maybe someday I'll buy a piece of land that already has one on it.

"Hours clot. Birds flap like passports. Fields explode with temper

Go look at all of tetheredto's photos; I promise you'll become a better artist in doing so.

31 January 2007

Waiting for the Sun, by Telzey

Waiting for the Sun
Originally uploaded by Telzey.
For children, the clock may as well be broken. Time for them is enormous, infinite. Summers last a lifetime. But then somewhere along the line, the clock is fixed, and the children are no longer children. They discover mortality and each and every tick goes by faster and faster. Every grain of sand drops with a thud, and they are horrified by the mindless certainty of it all. It's not fair, they think. Noone warned us. Is there nothing we can do?

04 January 2007

Revolution, by Tous les noms...

In today's Lenswork podcast, Brooks Jensen bemoans the fact that there appear to be few or no websites devoted to discussing the meaning of photographs. Tons of sites about techniques and equipment, but none playing the role of "internet docent," a tour guide to help place photographs in context. He argues that without context, our understanding of any particular photograph may be superficial. Personally, I don't believe this is always the case; some photos literally speak for themselves. But what about ones like this? How much context is necessary for a full appreciation? Do we need more than just the title? There seems to be some danger of limiting a work because it may be that too much context might become interpretation. This is a slippery slope. In the end, Jensen says that perhaps we as artists have to be our own docents, that it's up to us to place our work in a context that makes it easier to understand and appreciate.

28 December 2006

Mermaid, by Tom McFarlane

Originally uploaded by Tom McFarlane.
Once again, McFarlane simply rotates a capture ninety degrees clockwise and catapults the viewer into a different universe.

19 December 2006

No time like the past, by IrenaS

No time like the past
Originally uploaded by IrenaS.
I love doing this kind of manipulation, and obviously a lot of other people do, too. But why? What is it about making an image look like a fifty-year-old photo that's been kicking around in somebody's dresser drawer for all that time? Part of the answer is that artists have always loved creating windows to new worlds. Personally, an image like this allows me to escape to a different time and place. I feel an emotional nostalgia for a place that never was, yet it feels as real as anything in my waking life. And that's it! Artists like IrenaS are dream makers. And to me, dreams are as essential as the air I breath.

13 December 2006

Safe-Harbor2, by Telzey

Originally uploaded by Telzey.
Photomanipulation collaboration by Telzey. Based on a photo by kunstkammer (Ray Fujioka).

12 December 2006

Ava and Andy, by Tom McFarlane

Ava and Andy
Originally uploaded by Tom McFarlane.
I'm not a fan of baby pics, but Tom has transcended the ordinary cute-baby photo. Those extraordinary eyes and the Mona Lisa smile convey a feeling of precocious intelligence, a knowing glance that says "I know that you know what I know."

11 December 2006

untitled, by Gianni D.

Originally uploaded by Gianni D..
Very moody and film noirish.

Hanging, by eggman

Originally uploaded by eqqman.
Very pleasing minimalist composition.

Between 2 jokes, by Tous les noms...

Tous les noms... is a very talented Parisian photographer who specializes in street portraiture. I appreciate his democratic approach to finding models: "Everyone is welcome. Everybody is interesting. Don't be shy."

fire bokeh, by marc_l'esperance

fire bokeh
Originally uploaded by ♫ marc_l'esperance.
Strange creatures with twisted limbs of charred bark. Lots of beautiful nature photos today.

Natural Twist - Chantilly, by Marianne Le Carrour

Another common pattern in nature, reminds me of the shape of a hurricane on a weather satellite photo.

ice-crystals, by Nettan75

Originally uploaded by Nettan75.
I used to think I wanted to be a scientist, and it always fascinated me how nature repeats the same patterns in completely different contexts. How feather-like these are.

"I'm afraid to say...", by Sandytrail

"I'm afraid to say..."
Originally uploaded by Sandytrail.
I'm surprised I don't see more shadows on flickr. This one seems especially poignant; the body language is wonderful.

07 December 2006

Skin Memories 2, by elsa m gomes

Skin Memories 2
Originally uploaded by elsa m gomes.
Nice treatment similar to some of my earlier work.

29 November 2006

The end is the beginning is the end, by IrenaS

Reminds me of Popeye with his huge forearms after eating spinach, but infinitely more strange and beautiful.

Dragonfly poetica, by cattycamehome

Dragonfly poetica
Originally uploaded by cattycamehome.
It's a rare species of bird
that refuses to be categorized.
Its song is barely audible.
It is like a dragonfly in a dream--
here, then there, then here again,
low-flying amber-wing darting upward
then out of sight.
And the dream has a pain in its heart
the wonders of which are manifold,
or so the story is told.

excerpt from "Dream On" by James Tate

Lea13M, by Sylvestre001

Originally uploaded by Sylvestre001.
This is whom I imagine Type O Negative was talking about in "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend."

c, by Aytena

Originally uploaded by Aytena.
A distant and forgotten world.

27 November 2006

., by akiruna

Originally uploaded by akiruna.
There's been a long-running debate on the Flickr blog about whether artists should be allowed to upload photos of their work. Personally, I think it's an absurd argument - images are images and pixels are pixels. To try to distinguish between what is a "real" photo and what is not in the digital world is imho a futile exercise. For example, because akiruna painted this image, it would not qualify. But if this had been a weird puddle on a sidewalk and she snapped a photo, it would be kosher. Thus - my lack of concern for the origins of a particular work. The image in itself is what matters most.

26 November 2006

Faded Dream, by artsyevie

Faded Dream
Originally uploaded by artsyevie.
I love this composition.


Originally uploaded by kwerfeldein.
As long as I'm dwelling on my mortality... Something bothered me about it until I realized that it was the perfect symmetry - the bridge is a composite of the same image flipped. Very nice photomanipulation.

Grandpa 6, by EvilxElf

Grandpa 6
Originally uploaded by EvilxElf.
Expressive, heartwrenching candid portrait. Hard to look at this and not think that this might be me someday.

Bound for Distant Lands, by Telzey

Bound for Distant Lands
Originally uploaded by Telzey.
Wonderfully textured manipulation that could easily be on the cover of an enya CD. Be sure to take a look at the original photo.

24 November 2006

. Dreaming Of The Winter Ships - Hibernation ., by 3amfromkyoto

One of the most beautiful self-portraits I've ever seen online (male or female), by Cambridge photographer Stuart Lee.

20 November 2006

Urania, by Telzey

Originally uploaded by Telzey.
Beautiful Photoshop collage by LA graphic artist Lydia Marano.

Grand Ma, by Matsuo

Grand Ma
Originally uploaded by mistubako.
A vintage photo captured by mistubako's grandfather. The entire set, Grand Pa Matsuo his Utopia, is worth the time to look at, as are mistubako's own photos.

. Songs Of Confinement ., by 3amfromkyoto

. Songs Of Confinement .
Originally uploaded by 3amfromkyoto.
Image by Cambridge photographer Stuart Lee.

winter, by gaubitsa

Originally uploaded by gaubitsa.
A wonderfully moody image that feels like it's 150 years old. Captured with a Holga toy camera.

15 November 2006

O))), by _Drugo

Originally uploaded by _Drugo.
The textures in this image are fantastic. Please take a look at the original.

Chicago at Night, by Chuckumentary

Chicago at Night
Originally uploaded by Chuckumentary.
A magnificent cityscape. At first, I thought it was an HDR.

where's my (mind) ?, by POOR IMPULSE CONTROL

where's my (mind) ?
Originally uploaded by POOR IMPULSE CONTROL.
Erotic noir image. The focus on a lone glass on an empty table gives this composition a wonderful poignancy.

states. IV, by gaubitsa

states. IV
Originally uploaded by gaubitsa.
An elegant lith-print from Russian photographer Anastasia Medvedeva.

Vertical, by A. N.

Originally uploaded by A. N..
Great color, composition, and bokeh. The emotional power of this image grows the longer I look at it.

life and death, by Fack to Bront

life and death
Originally uploaded by Fack to Bront.
I've seen a lot of photos like this (all of which evoke the archetypal power of the tree), but this is one of the most beautiful.